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• Minimum userful life -
  50000 hours at L70(TM-21)
• Tightly binned LED seletion to   ensure uniformity of color from tube   to tube
• Clear lens standard
• Every tube serial numbered and in   database
• Suitable for refrigeration T8   applications (not freezers)
• Currently Available in 4ft,
• Bi-pin Base
• 5 year warranty

• 120° beam pattern
• lm/W 93
• Power factor 0.94
• Operating temperature:
   –15°C to +45°C
• Operating humidity 10%~70%

Certifications & Compliance
• RoHS compliant
• UL94 V-1 flammability rating
• NSF/ANSI Standard 2
   Food service equipment
• IES LM-79 tested. Independent    NVLAP accredited laboratory
• UL 1993 "Self-Ballasted
  Lamps and Lamp Adapters
• UL 8750 Light Emitting Diode        (LED) Eqipment for use in    Lighting Products
• UL 153 Portable Electric    Luminaires
• UL 1598 Luminaires
• UL 1598B Luminaire Reflector   Kits for Installation or Previously   Installed Fluorescent Luminaires
• UL 879 Electric Sign Components
UL 48 Electric Sign
UL 73 Motor operated appliances

Sales Sheet

T8 Sales Sheet


Borealis DesignLights* Consortium qualified (DLC QPL) T8 LED Tubes are an energy efficient alternative for traditional fluorescent tube lamps. The Borealis LED Tubes eliminate the need for ballast in any retrofit or new installation significantly reducing maintenance cost. The Borealis T8 tubes provide a high quality, uniform light and contain no Mercury, UV or other hazardous substances so recycling cost associated with traditional tube lighting are eliminated. In addition, local rebates for products listed on the DLC QPL can further reduce acquisition costs.

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